#Me Too and YOU??

via #Me Too Movement Oy Vey!!

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#Me Too Movement Oy Vey!!

Top Ten Things Men Can’t Say To Women

in Their Office, Organization, or Company.

10.    Hello.

9.     A few of us are going out for a drink to celebrate Friday.

8.     You look terrific!

7.    Can you tell me the directions to the _______Department

6.    Here let me get that door for you.

5.    What’s your dream job here?

4.    Wow….great looking shoes.

3.    I’m going out for coffee, would you like me to pick some up for you?

2.   Your outfit looks nice on you!

1.   What do you think about the @MeToo Movement?

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via Sound of Money Chapter One of the Book

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Sound of Money Chapter One of the Book

                                                                                                             DJV MURPHY 5/15/18/29/18

                                                     THE SOUND OF MONEY

Chapter One
                                                           The Escape

This was one wicked storm.

Wind whipping thru and bending the huge pine trees sounded like a constant loud swooshing noise. The Torrents of rain and hailstones hitting the tin roof and lightning crackling through the shook his cabin.

It was normally so quiet that in the evenings only the occasional coyote’s shrill yip-howls could be heard. Even the crickets and birds, which filled the early evening hours, became quiet and stayed that way until dawn.

But then he heard a sound like something he had never heard before that shook the foundation of his cabin. It wasn’t the storm or the crackle of thunder this time. A most God-awful noise filled the ears of Lone Wolf as he sat in his secluded cabin.

“What the hell was that?” He looked out into a pitch black night where he saw something terribly shocking. His new lifestyle, as he had planned it the year before, was about to end.
Lone Wolf came to the high plains, as he referred to them, with only one goal in mind. He desperately wanted to get out of the rat race and away from the vermin who were nipping at his heels back East.

Lone Wolf…..the adopted name of a guy with a West Point education and service as a Captain in Special Forces, whose father was a former Senator, a mother who, during her lifetime, had led almost all high-society fundraisers in the City, cashed in his chips at the age of 50 and just disappeared. His ex-wife thought it a classic case of mid-life crisis, but this wasn’t what drove him to attempt to disappear into thin air.

William Woodshire III wanted nothing but to get out of New York and away from the money game, the politics, the charity benefits, and his gut-wrenching divorce from his wife Bennie.

Oh yes, then there were the investigations, first by the SEC of his firm and then the FBI’s interrogation. The government’s inquiry about possible insider trading and other under-the-table dealing was the final straw that led to his decision to seek a different environment. He didn’t want to wait around for the Feds to take him on a perp walk, as they liked to do for high profile types like him.

He knew of a few others who found themselves the main subjects of the TV series “American Greed” because of the witch-hunt the government conducted against those on Wall Street. The media was having a field day watching some of the titans of ‘The Street’ come tumbling down from their rarified life styles.

He chose the area in which he now had begun his new life, because he loved the movie “High Plains Drifter” with Clint Eastwood. Lone Wolf admired character’s life style in this popular Western portrayed as a loner. His ambition was to vanish into thin air just like the character in the movie.

That is exactly what L. W., as he called himself, did after his divorce and being taken to the cleaners by his now ex-wife. Well he wasn’t exactly cleaned out by Bennie as he had hidden away a sum of cryptocurrency in an offshore account, which he planned to use to support his new life off the radar.

As the screenplay described it, the Eastwood character just disappeared into thin air at the end of the movie. It was this inspiration for the former Captain Woodshire to move on with his life and become Lone Wolf.

The next day, the stranger departs; slowly riding through the ruined
Town in the same manner that he arrived at the film’s beginning.
At the cemetery, he passes by Mordecai, who is carving a fresh headstone.
Mordecai comments to the departing stranger that he never did know name
to which the stranger replies cryptically “Yes, you do.”
As the stranger rides out, it is revealed that the headstone engraved by
The stranger rides off into the distance, his image absorbed by
a mirage, seemingly vanishing into thin air.

Woodshire wanted that appearance of just fading away, so he got out before his world came crashing down around him. He quit his job, quit his club memberships, and basically quit the Eastern version of contemporary America.

There were no going away parties, no newspaper announcements of his retirement, and no good luck pats on the back from his partners and peers for this highly successful Wall Streeter.

Of course the SEC and the FBI investigations were also a catalyst for his earlier than planned disappearance. The Feds thought he had managed some illegal schemes but couldn’t close in on him with enough evidence. They were not happy when he disappeared.

“Lone Wolf” was born out of despair and disillusionment with his own state of affairs and what he considered the fed’s intrusion into his business dealings. He did nothing others in the business were doing.

His trek to the western frontier took quick planning, even though he had visited the area a number of times on hunting trips. He read numerous accounts about how to just leave it all behind and searched the Net about living on one’s own in an isolated place.

He set out to buy the latest in technology; a high-tech laptop, programmed as a stealth computer so it couldn’t be detected, two untraceable smart phones with satellite assist software, a high end off- the-grid WiFi set up, and the top of the line solar battery setup.
Just because he was going to a wilderness area didn’t mean he had to leave everything behind. He wanted to keep up to date with the world and finances while his former world knew only that he disappeared.

He already had a shell company, which held his Bitcoin stash, so it would be easy for him to buy property without a trace to his name. His objective was to find a secluded area on a ridge of a plateau high up in a mountainous region. He found the ideal spot on the border of New Mexico and Colorado,

The search led him to an out of the way ranch with lots of acres adjacent to a forest in a remote area accessed only by a small winding mountain road. He liked the idea of having only one way in as he didn’t want anyone wandering onto his new home site.

His secret preparation for disappearing mirrored how he went about his business; after all he didn’t rise to the top of the money-trading world without being organized and doing his homework. So he escaped to the quiet serenity of New Mexico. It was a beautiful plateau region in the north central part of the State, green with majestic Conifer, Douglas Pine and Aspen trees. It had spectacular views to the mountains and a tuya ridge upon which his ranch was located.

The cabin had the latest solar technology providing a constant source of electricity plus a deep storage area adjacent to the cabin where he could store his emergency food supplies at an even 50/55 degrees.  This subterranean space was hidden by over-grown foliage adjacent to his new home. He thought it might have been an abandoned mine, which led to a widened passage directly under his cabin.

He was particularly drawn to this property because of its isolated location and up-to-date cabin, but as a bonus he thought he could utilize the underground space to his advantage.
If anyone came snooping around, they would never discover the area below his cabin. He still feared that one day the Feds might show up, and he could comfortably hide out in this special space after he cleaned it and made it livable. It would also serve as a perfect storage area for his wine, keeping it at a constant temperature year-round just the way L. W. wanted.

But then one night the idyllic life style he had settled into was chattered by a tremendous explosion. With the quickness of a startled deer and in the midst of the raging storm he raced outside to see what happened.

The wind was howling and swirling around but through the torrents of rain he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Oh my God!” he murmured to himself as he stood on his cabin’s porch and looked out and witnessed a most frightening sight

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What About Elvis?

“Damn Clyde, take a look-see at this one!” Delton said as he handed him an envelope and the wrinkled one page form and began laughing uncontrollably.

Clyde took the form, pushing away the stack of envelopes and other forms, which were now piled high on his desk like mounds of packing material in an Amazon warehouse.

After glancing at the scribbled handwriting he quickly scanned the rest of the application and started laughing so hard he almost couldn’t catch his breath.

“Can you believe it? This guy must either be the last of the great jokesters or is totally delusional,” remarked Delton, now bent over and trying to catch his breath. “Eighty fricking years old!” he exclaimed. “This old codger is still trying to do his thing.”

“Man oh man, this contest attracts one nut case after another,” Clyde shouted back still laughing. “I think I peed my pants!”

The contest, as Clyde referred to it, was the Tenth Annual event featuring Elvis Tribute Artists who were invited to come and perform in the small town of River Bottom, Mississippi….just a stone’s throw from Elvis’ birth place in Tupelo.

No one would have predicted years back that Clyde and Delton, partners in the CD Recording Studio and CD Records and desperate for a break, would have become so successful with their tribute idea.

Back then with new technology available in the music industry their business fell off faster than water flowing down the Mississippi after a spring rain. The last recording artist they had signed for their label was a local woman whose “thing” was recording Southern fried food recipes in different languages.

Its sales were slower than an earthworm crawling up a slippery slope. Not being a big seller would be putting it mildly.
With new software available on the cheap, along with bargain basement computers, garage band record producers by the thousands had cut into their business. Clyde and Delton knew they were fighting a losing battle against recording software that emulated what old studio consoles and tape recorders could do at a fraction of the price. After a few beers they would begin cursing the most widely used programs like ‘GarageBand’ owned by Apple.

“Why oh why Clyde, do we not have any luck, hell even clocks tell the right time twice a day,” Delton lamented.

When the pair got down in the dumps they liked to recall the story of what happened at Sun Records many years earlier when someone walked in and knocked the socks off the owner. They always hoped it would be their salvation as well.

As the story goes, it seems as if Jerry Lee Lewis was playing the piano for a Carl Perkins recording session when Elvis Presley walked in unannounced. At the end of the Perkins session, the owner of Sun Records Sam Phillips took Elvis aside and had him do a quick audition.

What happened next turned out to be an incredible story in its own right.

For more of this frivolity check out the book on Amazon.com

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Down Wind….

The boat rising with each wave and then gently
Settling down until another wave lifts the bow
Once again in harmony with the water.

Waves rolling through the water
Like the rhythm of a slow drum beat.

A warm summer breeze
Fills the white billowing sails as the
Journey continues to here and there and nowhere.

On the water once more,
Embracing the calm of the moment.
Quietness interrupted only by an occasional splash
Of water on the bow.

The sun in full afternoon strength
Caresses the face and body
With rays of healing warmth.

Gliding through the green blue water.
Gleaming white crests bouncing
Gently off the port side.

Ah, alone with nature and feeling
Free as the wind in open waters.

Sailing on the beautiful sea
Brings an unexpected tranquility
Clearing a mind filled with thoughts
Of yesterday and tomorrow.

Troubles and concerns left behind
Enjoying these liberating moments
Which come sailing………”Down Wind”.

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Now and Then

Considering that each recent, or not so recent, generation of humanoids is given a name to categorize those that are born in a particular time period, it is fitting that we review how meanings of words have changed.  These words are only a sample….do you have others?

The Millennial Generation                                   The Boomer Generation

Text as in sending a message                              Text are words written on a page           Download as in music/video’s                              Download..taking a crap.

Apps [as in download]                                             Apps….is this a mountain range somewhere?

Voice message, oh we don’t do that!                 Voice message when no one answers a phone

Quiche  as in hot looking                                         Quiche…….something for lunch

Tweet as in sending a message via Twitter         Tweet…..wasn’t it “Tweetie Bird”

Facebook a connection app                                    Facebook is a book with lots of photos

Trolling as in making critical comments             Trolling as in a group of walking Trolls?

On line….using one’s computer                              On line waiting to check out

My bad…..an apology  for a mistake                     My bad….. mispronounciation of my bed

sculpture yellow head





















































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