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via Sound of Money Chapter One of the Book Advertisements

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What About Elvis?

“Damn Clyde, take a look-see at this one!” Delton said as he handed him an envelope and the wrinkled one page form and began laughing uncontrollably. Clyde took the form, pushing away the stack of envelopes and other forms, which … Continue reading

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Oh Boy [not just for boys!]

Boys of all ages [but particularly ones who are very young] and maybe a few outside the box girls will love this book:                                                      Chapter One                                                    The Beginning “Would you please leave the room!” was the most recurrent directive … Continue reading

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Currently writing a new book of short stories “Elvis And Other Incredible Stories” which will feature an Elvis Tribute Contest held annually in River Bottom, Mississippi [just a stones throw from Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley].                                                  Elvis                  It Ain’t … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Over
‘Til The Old Fat Guy Sings!

No one would have predicted years back that Clyde and Delton, partners in the CD Recording Studio and CD Records and desperate for a break, would have become so successful with their ‘tribute’ idea.
Back then with new technology available in the music industry their business fell off faster than water flowing down the Mississippi after a spring rain. The last recording artist they had signed for their label was a local woman whose opus was recording dogs barking and cats meowing Christmas songs.
Its sales were slower than a possum
climbing up a magnolia tree. Not being a big seller would be putting it mildly.
With new software being bought on the cheap, along with bargain basement computers, garage band record producers by the thousands had cut into their business.
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