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Thirty Days Has September

Remember how to keep track of the days of the month?  Thirty days has September, April, June and November the rest have 31 except our favorite month of February.  That isn’t exactly the phrase, but since February is coming soon to … Continue reading

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Can Spring Be Getting Closer

French Flower Cart Interesting weather patterns……last week it was 8 degrees in Kansas City and today 74 degrees.  Here in the NYC area the temps might reach 60+ degrees on Wednesday, January 30th.  So can Spring be “far” behind?  The … Continue reading

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 Time Keeps No Time  The sun rises and sets measuring the passing of each day The new moon marks the start of a new cycle of days The clock ticks as seconds pass by  Time keeps no time It vanishes … Continue reading

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Winter Woes Balance The Beauty

Winter Woes Balance The Beauty.

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Winter Woes Balance The Beauty

When the temps get to low teens and perhaps single digits, the routine of life changes. Clear running water freezes…..causing water pipes to become iced…and the inevitable happens.  No water!  The pond freezes, shrinking the swimming area for the swans and one … Continue reading

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Wednesday January 23, 2012 Old Man Winter has found us at last……middle sections and east coast of the U.S. are FREEZING……colder than the hind tit on a Ground Hog in Alaska. Visited NYC on Tuesday, wind was howling down 8th … Continue reading

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The Day After

Start of a New Year, lots of movies out….best so far is “Lincoln”….good history lesson, and Daniel Day Lewis a shoo-in for best actor.   “Zero Dark Thirty” by Katherine Bigelow is not as good as “Hurt Locker”….but an interesting … Continue reading

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