Now and Then

Considering that each recent, or not so recent, generation of humanoids is given a name to categorize those that are born in a particular time period, it is fitting that we review how meanings of words have changed.  These words are only a sample….do you have others?

The Millennial Generation                                   The Boomer Generation

Text as in sending a message                              Text are words written on a page           Download as in music/video’s                              Download..taking a crap.

Apps [as in download]                                             Apps….is this a mountain range somewhere?

Voice message, oh we don’t do that!                 Voice message when no one answers a phone

Quiche  as in hot looking                                         Quiche…….something for lunch

Tweet as in sending a message via Twitter         Tweet…..wasn’t it “Tweetie Bird”

Facebook a connection app                                    Facebook is a book with lots of photos

Trolling as in making critical comments             Trolling as in a group of walking Trolls?

On line….using one’s computer                              On line waiting to check out

My bad… apology  for a mistake                     My bad….. mispronounciation of my bed

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Authors Book Signing….a BIG event at Middle Valley Community Center, Long Valley, NJ 11/9/2019

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So I’m Sitting On My Balcony….

Every evening from dusk to major dusk, a series of guided ghost tours walk by my place in historic Savannah.  As I sit on my balcony I hear the guide tell the most outrageous stories taken from yellow pages of long ago ghost writings.  What an assortment of paranormal and ghastly [as in ghostly] themes are shared with those willing to follow along like hypnotized children after the pied piper. Taking nothing away from the tour guides [the City tried to licence them years ago to no avail…thank goodness] as they are just trying to eke out a living telling stories to those willing to pay to be entertained.

Anyway back to the gist of my own story……it seems as if a light went off and I pondered “why don’t I write my own ghost stories?”  And by sitting on my balcony sipping a glass of wine, I was inspired to write “Ghost Stories From All 50 States”.  For you see, tourists come to Savannah from across the land and perhaps would be interested in a ghost story from their own home state!

This compilation of ghost stories are original…never before read or even whispered in the dark of night.  They are now part of two books….”Ghost Stories From All 50 States” and a larger print edition “Eerie Ghost Stories From Every State”.

Here’s a sample:


“Being president is like running a cemetery:
you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening.”

                                                                               Bill Clinton  Former President

                                                White River Rapids

Besides known as the razorbacks, Arkansans have a long history with ghosts.  Most are connected to the taking of a life with the perpetrator never found.  However one story in particular, which happened a 100 years before, shares some notoriety with the Clinton’s.

Theirs was known as the Whitewater Scandal and involved The Whitewater Development Corporation, a scheme to develop property financed by a mysterious loan from a local bank. The Clinton’s escaped prosecution for their alleged involvement.

A 100 years ago and just a tad over 10 minutes away from the White River area, 16 year-old Nellie Nan Durance was said to have lost her life in Yellville, Arkansas in the Crooked Creek area.  It was a few days before Halloween in 1891 when her body was found draped across a jagged bit of flotsam at the edge of the Creek.  Marion County newspaper accounts suspected she had been raped and then pushed into the Creek.

Her body was buried in a private grave a few days later with townspeople still in a state of shock. Efforts to find the killer hit a dead end and he was never found.

First reported sightings of her ghost happened the following year during late October when the chill begins to be felt in the air.  Workers digging a foundation for a house near the private cemetery where the girl had been buried heard a shrill sound like a scream.  A few days later on Halloween another worker swore he heard a woman scream and then yell out over and over again…..“why me?”

For years after the first incident, the local newspaper published reports of other sightings of a girl wearing a white gown, just like the one in which the girl was buried, walking at the edge of the Creek.  She is said to be humming a song and then letting out a blood curdling scream before disappearing into the water. The White Water ghost is long remembered by the locals.


Death is not an ending, but a symbol of movement along the path upon which we are all traveling. As it may be painful to lose contact with the physical aspect of one we love, the Spirit can never be lost. We have been and always will be a part of each other.”                                                              John Denver   Singer Songwriter

                                                         The Snowboarder Ghost

              Death by skiing takes, on average, 11 people each year in Colorado, but millions of skiers visit the slopes.  A favorite ghost story centers upon a daring skier, who not only whips fearlessly down the slopes but is known to do tricks including upside-down flips.

Those who said they’ve seen him referred to this daring ghost skier with a French accent as Jean Claude after the famous French Olympic skier winning three gold medals in the 1968 Olympic Games.  Of particular note was the recorded comment in the late 1970s by Billy “The Kid” Batson, who described in detail what happened to him one evening just before dusk.  Billy was what is referred to as a ski bum or someone who hangs around the slopes and basically has a skiing or snowboarding lifestyle.

Attempting to carryout a biff, which is a near-fall on the snow where the snowboarder makes contact but recovers without falling, Billy described what happened.

Listen up dude, I don’t know if I’m crazy or not, but I still can’t get over or explain what happened to me.  It was getting late with the sun dropping fast over the ridge and I was on the unlit back slope, when as I was attempting a biff and I couldn’t quite make it back up after hitting my ass on the snow.  Suddenly someone or something came up beside me and grabbed onto my arm, pulled me up and in a French accent said bonsoir and then just disappeared.

I swear it wasn’t my imagination or the shadows playing tricks on me.  Man it really shook me up and if you think I’m making this all up, believe me I’m not and I wasn’t smoking weed.”

Years earlier in Aspen, skiing champion Spider Sabich was shot and killed by his then girlfriend Claudine Longet.  Some have wondered if this was somehow connected to the stories of sightings on the slopes, thinking that she might have been shooting at a ghost and it turned out to be her lover. It wasn’t the first time that anyone had reported the ghost skier on the slopes in Aspen.

The reported sightings after that were kept by the ski patrol until there were too many to track.  And the sightings continue to this day with skiers agreeing that they have seen white puffs of snow blow by them and hearing what appears to be a faint French accent.

To buy this book or any others by djv murphy, check out

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New Website Coming SOON!

Diligently working with GoDaddy on a new website for published books and artworks.
It’s tedious at best, but hopefully it will be worth it, as those interested can buy my
books through the site…..or go to my page on

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The Fartster Gets Reviewed

A review of the book “The Fartster” by MsTh…..from Online Book Club.

“I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m nigh obsessed with all things pertaining to the poop emoticon. And I never got over giggling every time someone passes gas, as long as I know them. So I couldn’t grab The Fartster, written by djv murphy (author’s capitalization), fast enough when I saw it.

This young adult book follows Cheeky as he struggles with a condition that his gastroenterologist terms “flatulence extraordinaire.” He often questions, “What’s the big deal? Everyone does it,” when he gets in trouble in school and at camp due to his extreme toots. Finally, though, Cheeky finds a place where he can be recognized for his “special talent.” He competes in Ausfarht, Germany’s first “World Cup Ausfarht Games,” a worldwide farting contest. Will Cheeky prevail, or will there be other contestants that can give him a run for his money as well as run bystanders off?

The little kid inside of me (that I usually keep somewhat hidden) loved this book, and by the middle of the third chapter, I found myself reading from the floor lest I fall off the couch from laughing so hard. The story followed a logical progression, and I very much enjoyed following Cheeky through his younger years. Whether I was reading about his parents dealing with their ultra-gassy baby or the flatulent one being assigned the tuba in high school, I enjoyed nearly every word of this tome. I will note, though, that I disliked that his mother drank a beer a day while breastfeeding him (it was ostensibly to increase her milk flow). The chapter delineating Cheeky’s attempts to find an extracurricular activity that would suit him was especially funny. The author’s way with words was perfect for this yarn as well. One of my favorite passages was, “Some schools suffer from a birdbrain kid calling in a bomb threat. Cheeky’s buddies would only have to rely on him to clear out the school by farting.” I truly felt that any young person reading this book would have a blast, no pun intended.

The Fartster also included pictures throughout, and they really increased my reading enjoyment. I especially liked the picture of Cheeky letting one rip by the side of the road, causing a cow stampede. The picture of everyone in his elementary school crammed in the doorway, trying to get out (drawn just before the aforementioned quote) had me in stitches too. In addition to the pictures, I greatly enjoyed reading a few colloquialisms for farting that I’d never heard before, such as “dropping a whopper.” I was also pleased to learn that there really is a city in Germany named Ausfarht and that the the word “Ausfarht” written on a sign indicates an exit. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as the World Cup Ausfarht Games for farting enthusiasts.

What I liked most about this story, though, was that Cheeky was a great kid overall. Often, when a character has a “gross” problem, they’re also illustrated as unlikable. But Cheeky “was good in sports, could dance, could play the piano, and had a good sense of humor.” I was very proud of the author for painting the protagonist in such a good light, despite his so-called problem.

Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to give this tale four stars, I am forced to give it 3 out of 4 stars, due to its numerous grammatical errors. Most of the errors were due to misplaced or missing punctuation marks, but there were also several instances of incorrect word usage – “want” when “wont” would be correct and “awhile” when it should be “a while” – and misspelled words. One of the pictures also included a misspelled word. Additionally, there were a few awkwardly-phrased sentences and one picture that showed his parents, but I could not tell which was the mom since neither one of them had noticeable breasts.

I am glad to recommend The Fartster to tweens as well as adults who never got over their love of “gross” jokes and words. Readers who love synonyms may also enjoy learning about all the ways one can say “passing wind.” Even though this yarn deals with farts, I would not recommend it for a very young audience, as its 50+ full pages include many complex words.

In summation, I thought that this book was a real gas, and I hope the author writes more tales starring Cheeky.”

Book is available on Amazon    See:

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It’s here….now on Amazon see djv murphy


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“Eerie Ghost Stories From Every State” [a preview] Book available in Spring 2019

via “Eerie Ghost Stories From Every State” [a preview] Book available in Spring 2019

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